• Apply

    At the beginning, you have to apply online or in person.

  • Application Review

    Your file will be reviewed in the London office and give you call if we need any further documents or information.

  • University Matching

    An admission & visa expert we will match your file with university requirements so that you file not reject from University.

  • An Offer to you

    After that, we will give to you an offer about University & subject that we can give you.

  • Send your file for Admission

    After you agreed we will send your file to the University for admission.

  • Offer Letter from Institute

    You will receive an official admission offer letter from the Institute.

  • Tuition Fees

    You have to pay tuition fees into the institute bank accounts (If Necessary).

  • Payment confirmation

    Once paid, you will receive payment confirmation from the institute.

  • Visa Application

    We will complete the visa application form without any error and also make an appointment to submit your application.

  • Final Review

    Before you go to submit your visa application our visa specialist will check all documents one by one so that, we can make sure your file is 100% perfect for visa.

  • Submission for Visa

    Finally you will go to the local visa center to submit visa application form and also complete others requirments.

  • After Received Visa

    Once your received the visa, then you must pay tuition fees to the instutie before you fly. If you need help to pick up from airport or need accomadition, just let us know we will arrange somthing for you.

Application form